Cyclone Gita – Keep Informed and Stay Safe


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Latest Weather Warning 

Hi Everyone, due to the unknown track of Cyclone Gita, we are taking this seriously with possible affects on our coast early next week.

We are taking a wider focus here as Wellington’s coastline is one big community so from Kapiti through the South Coast and along to Palliser it is important that we as one pull together.

The most important thing is to stay in the know and in touch with loved ones and neighbors.

We as a coastline have seen some storms over the years and we always do and always will pull together.

Everyone will handle things in there own way and also if we do get a direct hit from this storm people may not show that they are worried but the most important thing is to talk and to just lend a smile as we as a coastline and a community are all in this together.

Below are useful links from various groups who update very well when Wellington is dealing with a weather event,

We will be updating our twitter account through till mid next week only if needed from the time of this post but if you have anything to pass on please tweet or email us

Please do NOT take any risks for photos or social media updates as that social share is not worth getting into trouble over and putting others at risk who may also become involved.

To our Emergency Services and Contractors who work hard to keep our city safe and going when we are dealing with weather thank you so much for what you do but please ensure that you return home to loved ones at the end of the day.

At the end of the day it is unknown what this storm may do until she draws closer but it is important to be prepared, in the know and proactive.

Below are useful links for updated information from Council, Roads, and Emergency services and Weather
Updates from WCC:
Updates from NZTA:
Updates from WREMO:
Updates from MetService New Zealand:

If you are traveling

Updates from Wellington Airport:
Updates from Metlink:
Updates from Interislander:
Updates from Bluebridge:

Updated: 01:38 20th Feb
  • Rain Radar Graphic thanks to MetService New Zealand