The right moves for our future.

It has been interesting to be a part of the discussion on what is happening down the retail park end of Lyall Bay, from the proposed apartment block (yes it is only proposed) until the first earth is turned and the old building is removed.
To the extra car park and the possible removal of a green area as a result to make way for more cars,
It is important that we as a community are passionate about where we live and it is good to see, it is not about “not in my back yard” as some im sure are thinking it is about a community having a say in its future.
As to those that will be making the decisions, one of the things to always remember is that once it is gone it is gone and we can not turn back the clock, the best way to get things right is to listen to those that live here, get involved in the discussion and work with a community.
Some times living in an area is not just about the buildings and the shops it is about the “vibe” and the mental wellness it provides for people and I will be as bold to say a healthy Lyall Bay is a good things for the wellness of the whole city not just those that live here.
Over the years we have seen many a positive post about the bay from people right across Wellington to those that live more than half a world away,
The community that is Lyall Bay is something that a large amount of people enjoy across different ages, races, and countries so I would ask those that are making the calls on development and changes please keep this in mind as the right call for the bay and the South Coast needs to be made for our future and it needs to come before profit and proposed progress that will only benefit a select few.