Our South Coast

One of the things we so have respect for about our coastline is how she can remind us who is boss,


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We have seen some really humbling weather come through at times but even after all she throws at us it is special to see the relationship our people have with our coastline.

Today was the South Coast cleanup.


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The Wellington South Coast Clean-up is an annual event where people get together one day a year to clean-up the beach areas from Owhiro Bay to Breaker Bay. It is timed for the day of the Oceans Conservancy clean-up. On this day communities all around the world are undertaking clean-ups of coastlines to keep rubbish from entering the world’s oceans.

Wellingtonians are passionate about the south coast. There is a lot of great community work happening there on a regular basis. At different locations groups and individuals are involved in stewardship work like beach clean-ups, dune planting and penguin conservation. The first combined clean-up event in 2010 came from an idea after conversations and networking that we in the Wellington community could collectively make a difference. After the success of the first event the people involved agreed it would be great to make it an annual event.


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Photos are thanks to Definitive Imaging and Frontline Photography 

Words are thanks to the team behind the South Coast clean up year after year thank you for what you do !