Predator Free Lyall Bay and Melrose


We’re working alongside other predator free neighbourhoods to help eradicate mammalian predators and make Wellington a safe place for native birds, insects, and reptiles.

If you would like to get involved in this great vision the best thing you can do is to put a trap in your back yard and become a part of the movement. Once you’ve got a trap set up you’ll need to make sure you keep checking itregularly and maintaining it so that it continues to be effective.

At present traps can be purchased from Zealandia Ecosanctuary, but in time we hope to have traps available free of charge to give out to interested households. Check out the information about how to set and maintain a trap here:

It would also be great to keep a record of who has traps so that we can measure how we’re tracking with coverage over the suburb, so once you’re all set up please email your address and the number/type of traps that you’ve got in your backyard –

Things are just getting started in our neighbourhood, so if you’d like to help out in any other way such as helping to organise or fundraise to buy traps, or building trap boxes then get in touch by messaging this page or emailing