Keeping across our Weather


We have a wonderful relationship with MetService New Zealand and have some wonderful support from them but at times it is always good to get a different view and perspective as we all know Wellington weather can be really harsh….


We would like to see the support for WELLINGTON SEVERE WEATHER REPORTS

Daniel does an amazing job and also brings together his own perspective on events which often adds weight to what MetService are advising, to make sure our city and coast are well informed it is important that those that are passionate about our home are supported.

Hi Everyone, Yes John’s post is correct. So basically how this works i have an account with the Metservice, i use Metconnect which costs $300 a month. This program gives me all the latest weather observation data. From Hi definition radar to weather station obs. This information is not available to the public unless you pay for it.

If i cant access this I can’t tell people of coming Thunderstorms, Wind gusts on the weather stations which is up to the minute and rainfall totals etc.

I’ve always gone above and beyond to do my weather forecasts and to help people understand how the weather works. As this is an ongoing monthly payment to the Metservice I was wondering if as many people as possible could pay $3 per month into the WSWR bank account this would need to be an automatic payment to keep up with the regular monthly subscription.

Depending on how much that regularly comes in I could look at funding our own weather stations throughout Wellington region in the future. So we could all have FREE access to our own weather station observation data. That would be cool.

Thank you to all who contribute to my weather page, its a great community of photographers and weather enthusiasts.
I hope everyone is keen to help in some small way. I must say I don’t do this lightly to ask for money as I believe it should be a free service. Every little bit helps.
Here is the bank account number ANZ
Account is WSWR – 11-7286-0486553-88

Very much appreciated Daniel