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A message from MaranuiFM
“Just an update on the Grant and Polly Radio Show. Have just finished talking to Media Works in Auckland and was assured that knocking MaranuiFM off the 106.7 frequency is not part of their plan. Great News. Hopefully, come July 3rd we will be broadcasting as strong as ever. Thanks for all your wonderful support.”


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Fears for Wellington school radio as 24-hour Polly and Grant station launches


Radio these days has become to much the same old same old as they scramble for your listening ear and dollar, so when we have stations that add value to a community it is really sad to see that put at risk even just on the chance of interruptions due to them being on the same 106.7.

A community that grows together has something important at its heart and that is a school that encourages kids to give them ownership of a fantastic thing and that is what we have in Lyall and Maranui FM.

Making Radio Waves-SJ L3 Oct 2015

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We would also encourage MediaWorks to re think this and also Radio Spectrum Management to protect frequencies that add value to a community and have a history of doing what radio is meant to do and that is serve those who listen no matter what the age.