The journey

When we started this journey we really did not know where it would take us,

Hey it was just social media after all, … post the photo out into the cyber world and if anything happens good if not well … move on,

Over the years we have grown we have changed we have stumbled … and hehe also face palmed at times,

The dreams are always big and they will stay that way,

We had a wonderful talk with a gentleman today when walking back from the retail park and you know what came up is what Lyall meant to him …

It was not prompted, or due to well talking to me it was just a relaxed talk in the sunshine as we looked out over the bay and it was wonderful to hear,

I wont post the words here as they were personal to him but to all the folks that allow us to share such stunning photos over the years just to show our home to one another and our city but also have a good place to be oneself and just be in the moment long may it continue,


Everyone it means more than I can ever say how we have grown and it was special to see our twitter account reach a good little milestone the other day.

The above photos are from folks over the years who have sent them to us or allowed them to be posted I am so sorry I can not remember names but …

Thank you and where ever this journey takes us I am glad everyone is here and after a very special post on our Instagram today I would also like to say welcome to some people who are about to make Lyall home šŸ™‚