When the news moves on – We need to continue to support and grow after mother nature kicks.


Christchurch, A city that has seen a lot happen to it at the hands of mother nature but walking around the streets of the CBD yesterday one could see a lot of changes happening,

It was not about sticky beaking as I am sure people still come to photograph the city and how it is after the earthquakes, for me it was about memories,

Having grown up knowing Christchurch and having lived there for a while in the 90’s it was interesting to see what had changed and what was panned for the future.

The city has always been a place of change

But it is important that when something major happens you lift yourself up and start to rebuild, doing what is needed on a human level to stay positive as any recovery is only as good as its people no matter the machinery, money or what ever else that it is put at it.

It in my mind is also deeply important that we as a country do not forget the area once the news media has done its thing, the news reporters have moved on and it is not news worthy any more,

Dont move on with it, Christchurch, Kaikoura or Wellington is still there once the rumbles have gone the city’s still truck on.

No matter on what scale a city is affected by mother nature we need to make sure we still visit them, we have solid process in place for recovery if something that puts them on the back foot in a major way happens and just on a buying local we need to support them

Yesterday had been my first time back after a quick visit a few days after the quake to support someone,

It is a small thing but I loved seeing the artwork on the walls of the city it was something that made me smile well seeing so much change and construction.

The focus I am sure has been on the CBD but the suburbs and further are also important I look forward to returning in better weather and getting out to RedCliffs, Sumner and beyond to walk some trails of my childhood.

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