What it means to me to be home.


What it means to feel at home,

Now I know some of you that follow the Lyall accounts know I can wax a little wordy at times about our bay, this is not out of verbal blah but because I am comfortable and well at ease with the place I call home,

I don’t know why, if I was ever asked why this has come so strongly in me, i think it is because I have found a place that nature wise just ticks all the boxes for me from the sea and the wilds of it at times to the hills and the big open sky at night with stars shining.


Another thing that has really settled me in the bay and yes I have only been here 15 years is just seeing how others enjoy the place also and not by doing other things but just enjoying the moment

Numerous times I have walked home from work at the airport and some folks have been out along the bay well after dark either chatting, watching the night or just walking the family friend and seeing that is something that really agrees with me as if you can just enjoy the moment it speaks volumes for the area you are in.


When one also sees folks just do what they do to help others be it when the southerly winds are kicking, opening long hours at their corner store or going beyond to help those in trouble like our friends at Lifeflight do on a daily basis this is something special about our home but I feel this is more who we are as a city when the chips are down we pull together.

So thank you Lyall Bay, Im glad to be here and lets see what the next 15 years brings 🙂




*Photos are copyright respective folks who took them and have been shared over the years across the Lyall accounts with permission.