Spring/Winter site cleanup

Good Morning everyone,

I thought its time the site gets a tidy up as its well kind of been a little messy and I also want to make it better to update with details and information that is of interest to us all on a more regular basis rather than just now and than.

We have never set out to try and be the go to place for things happening in Lyall Bay as there are a number of social media sites and also general web sites that are doing a great job showing our home to the world.

I guess it has always been a lot of pleasure for myself on a personal level to just try and pull together how we capture our home across social as if you look on any of the social networks we do a great job at that and daily some very stunning photos come forward.

Also when it is really needed time and time again offers of help are posted to social that really show that when we need to we as a bay step up for our community and that is we feel something that makes us a strong place to be.

We never will look at advertising across what we do as it is a firm one for us that once you do you sell out something that you set your site up for in the first place as you try to please advertisers and bring money in but we love seeing new business set up in the bay.

If any business would like to write something to show what they have to offer for our community we would be happy to post it here, not in a just promote your product sense but in a getting to know you sense.

Over the last few months we have seen



… and others which is wonderful as it is something to see folks have confidence in Lyall to support there endeavor as once the winter months come we need to make sure we support the locals 🙂

If you ever have anything you would like to share with the community, feel free to email it through to social@thebay.net.nz and we will be happy to post it here,

This can be from garage sales, lost family friends of the 4 legged kind or you name it 🙂 as long as its kept on focus and is something for our Lyall we will post though if we decide not to post we will let you know why.

If you also would just like to write a regular story of what life is like for you in Lyall Bay lets talk as it would be good to get perspective of our bay through other eyes and days, 

Oh by the way just on the social sites myself and others help run for Lyall we will try and stick to the following from now so as not to just be social noise,

twitter@lyallbaynz (update only when needed, urgent, …. but if anything you would like to share, talk over tweet us as we have had some great discussions here at times and don’t want this to stop)

Instagram@lyallbaynz (daily, sharing images of our bay, if you ever want us to post one you have taken lets talk)

facebook – @lyallbaywgtn (life of its own as this is a great platform to talk things over and we want to bring the focus back on it which has drifted for a while)

Google+ – Problem child but watch this space

Regards the @keepexploringnz instagram this will keep going but on a more personal focus

Anyway talk soon