Moving forward


It has been very interesting for me since last November and seeing how we as a community pull together but also how you are using the Lyall accounts,

I will just put down here that the accounts can not be with out the support of everyone and it is wonderful to see such strong support,

we though are not about the numbers, if you just run a site on how many followers you have, what in-fact are you trying to achieve ?

It is easy to “like” to “follow” to instafacetweet …. what ever you like to call it what matters more is the respect that builds and the moving forward contact when it is needed …

I feel we are starting to show this across the Lyall accounts and to that I am really humbled but i want to trial making the accounts more there own communities as they are all strong in there own ways.


As a result and as a trial

as of today


Instagram – will no longer cross post to twitter and have a focus on Lyall, The South Coast and the urge to explore which i feel is deeply a part of who we are on the coast

Twitter – Will only update when needed or if any questions, support, things to share,etc … tweet the account and we will put the coffee down and join in

Facebook – You are not forgotten, we have a strong community there but it is hard to keep this going as facebook is a very closed network

This website, stories, videos,and showing our community to the world and also working to provide resources that can help support one another

The above is also coming from the desire that i want to make sure the accounts are still of value to the community as it is team work and can only be with your support