Wellington – alive and vibrant

This 4 minute time lapse proves that Wellington, New Zealand is a vibrant city. Shot over 6 months, with over 17,000 images (many not used), the clip has over 30 scenes capturing the essence of how the latest Lonely Planet Guide rated Wellington. It also shows how great the past summer has been and what Wellingtonians love about their city.

Gear used involves the Stage Zero slider by Dynamic Perception with MX2 controller, Nikon D700, Sony NEX-7 and a $10 wind-up kitchen timer adapted for the rotational time lapse segment in this video. It’s a bit coarse but the effect is good until I get the Dynamic Perception VX1 Rotary Motion Blocks. I also used a GoPro camera strapped to a Segway which seemed to give a good result. Stablilisation was made with ProDad Mercalli 2 software.

Thanks for watching. ‘Likes’ and ‘comments’ gratefully received.

Music: MitiS & MaHi – Blu