Disrupting Illicit Arms (by infosummit2012)

Google Ideas INFO Summit – Disrupting Illicit Arms:
This panel looked at the illicit arms trade and discussed how small arms, such as the AK47, are obtained, moved, and where they end up.

Lightning presentation: Robert Muggah, Principal of SecDev Group and Research Director at Igarape Institute

Ian Biddle, arms expert
Okello Sam, Former Abducted Child Soldier in the Uganda National Liberation Front
Sylvia Longmire, author of Cartel
Moderator: Robert Muggah

Lightning Presentation: Peter Thum, Founder Fonderie 47, will shared his program which takes stockpiles of AK-47s, turns them into high-end jewelry, and then uses the profits to go out and destroy stockpiles of weapons



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